But not for me.

Being a foreigner in Japan means doing a lot of odd jobs here and there that mostly center around teaching. As such, I have done my fair share of teaching. I love it though. Teaching kids, to me, is one of the most delightful rewarding things I have ever had the opportunity to accomplish in my short life. Now, however, I am trying to change it up.

I work part time at a publishing company that puts out various books and magazines for English learners in Japan. It’s fun and challenging and new, but it’s a step in the direction I need to become a translator or localizer. But I still teach!
I tutor little kids pre-k to 6th grade English. I have one student I am particularly fond of! She’s a bilingual 7 year old who loves Disney
and hates pink! aka she’s my hero!

This girl, let’s call her M, went to San Jose and then Disneyland this past week. She told me ALL about it today and how much she loved it. At tye end of lessons, she asked me ゛You still like chocolate chip cookies right?!゛(I told her as much two weeks ago on a whim) When I nodded, she immediately got excited and brought me a bag – more specifically, a souvenir! Stoked!  Lo and behold, there are chips ahoy cookies in the bag. YOU CAN’T GET THEM IN JAPAN! This little kid thought so much about what to get me. I’m humbled. I’m blessed that I get to experience the pure expression of children as only an educator could.

Anyways, the moral of this story is, I’m happy with my life. You never should compare your life to others. What brings you happiness, so long as it doesn’t hurt you or others, should be pursued. I’ve given up a lot to be where I am. And I’ll keep giving things up. That’s okay! I know they’re writing songs of love, but not for me, and I’m okay with that. I live for me. That’s all I can do!

Today’s coffee was Coffe Frap while reading Soseki.